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Boston – World Indoor Rowing Championships

Posted by thepeteplan on February 23, 2012

Last Sunday, 19th Feb, was the day of the world indoor rowing champs in Boston USA.  It wasn’t a great day racing wise for me.

2k = 6:29.6 / 1:37.4 / 32 (1:37.0, 1:38.2, 1:38.0, 1:36.4)

I was pretty much 1second in pace off my plan throughout the row. Not disasterous, but disappointingly slow. I had been struggling with an intercostal muscle injury for a couple of weeks prior to race day, and still was when it came to the race.

Coaching wise it was a very successful day though with a number of hammer winners (world champions) and other medal winner from the coached group of athletes who raced in Boston with me. I was also honourary coach of Team GB who did very well as well, with a much higher medal tally than recent years, as well as a great attendance with I think 45 racing members.

Onward to BIRC now, just over 4 weeks to go. I plan to be the right side of 6:25 this time…

One Response to “Boston – World Indoor Rowing Championships”

  1. GrahamM said

    Hi Pete.
    Can you let us know how the training has been going for BIRC or are you keeping it a secret? I’m sure there are lots of interested readers…

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