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2k TT – 20 days to go

Posted by thepeteplan on January 30, 2012

3 weeks before race day (yesterday) I did my final 2k TT before the World Indoor Rowing championships race.

The best I have done in training (or recent racing) has been a 6:27, and so the aim today was to go under 6:26. I decided to set 250m splits and aim to keep them all at or just under 1:37 with a fast first 5 strokes, then a push at the end. I have found a warm up that works well for me for the harder sessions:

3550m warm up as:
1500m @ 1:58
400m @ 1:53
100m @ 1:40
400m @ 1:53
100m @ 1:38
250m @ 2:00
500m @ 1:40
300m @ 2:00

The key part is the 500m portion towards the end at just faster than 5k pace. I then rest for between 5 and 7minutes before the main effort.

2000m = 6:25.3 / 1:36.3 / 32
250m splits:
1:35.6 / 34
1:37.0 / 33
1:37.0 / 31
1:37.0 / 32
1:36.8 / 31
1:37.0 / 32
1:36.8 / 32
1:33.6 / 33

Just treating it as 8 x 250m was a good way to get through it as all I cared about was getting the next 250m on target. It went perfectly, and I know there is more to come on race day. Even with the same first 1500m if I commited more to a final sprint I would be able to take a couple of seconds off this, so not too much tweaking needed now to make the Boston target.

Unfortunately I seem to have injured an intercostal muscle (or something around that area) somehow. I had to skip the steady distance row today because of it and instead do a steady 30mins on my Tacx cycle trainer. The injury became apparent on Thursday last week, and hasn’t really changed since. It didn’t affect the 2k yesterday, but felt too uncomfortable to do a longer distance today.

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