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2k time trial – 40 days to race day

Posted by thepeteplan on January 10, 2012

With a little under 6 weeks till race day at the Crash Bs World Indoor Rowing Championships it was time to do a 2k time trial and see objectively how the training is going. Since my last blog on 1st January I have been ticking over with the training due to a bit of a chest cold, so this was the first time to test that out properly since that session.

For me, stroke rate is the key to rowing a good 2k time. If I keep the stroke rate where I need it the pace will follow. If I lose concentration the stroke rate will drop, and soon after the pace will start to suffer. So the aim of today’s TT was to maintain 32spm+ throughout the 2k, and not worry so much about pace. I wanted to be comfortably under 6:30 though, with a “happy with” target of sub 6:28, and a “very happy with” target of under 6:26. So the aim was to try to hold the average pace around 1:37.5 then push on harder towards the end. It went to plan:

2k = 6:27.2 / 1:36.8 / 32
500m splits:
1:37.3 / 33
1:37.9 / 32
1:37.4 / 32
1:34.6 / 34

With the strong finish, and how the pace and rate felt over the first 1500m, I am happy with this at this stage of training. I finished the 2k wishing I had pushed harder earlier, and sprinted properly at the end. In a gym TT it is good to finish knowing you should have pushed harder. The plan from here is to do another 2k TT between now and Boston, and aim for at least under 6:26 to be within 1sec / 500m of my Boston target time (6:21.8). Also speed intervals each week to get used to 1:35 / 1:36 pace so make the cruise pace a bit faster ready for Boston. All looking good so far.

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