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4 x 1k / 5min rest

Posted by thepeteplan on December 27, 2011

The beginning of week 5 of the 13 week Boston training plan means that 2k training starts here. What better workout to do as your reintroduction to speed work than the 4 x 1k? I had done this workout on 24th October and faded badly in the final 2 reps. I didn’t want a repeat of that today, so wanted to be realistic in the target pace. I have never managed to do this session faster than 2k+1 pace, ie 1second slower than current 2k pace. My most recent 2k race was a 6:27.2, or 1:36.8 pace, and therefore 1:38 seems like a good target for reps 1 to 3 with a faster last.
4 x 1k / 5min rest:
3:16.0 / 1:38.0 / 32
3:16.0 / 1:38.0 / 32
3:15.9 / 1:37.9 / 32
3:13.7 / 1:36.8 / 32

4k = 13:01.6 / 1:37.7 / 32

Just marginally within 1second in pace of that 2k race, which after 5 weeks of solely 5k paced training is a good sign. Fitness wise the session felt fine – the rest periods felt too long, and I recovered quickly, but the pace felt alien to me. With 8 solid week’s of training to Boston I will improve a lot on this 2k type work though.

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