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3 x 15mins / 2min rest

Posted by thepeteplan on December 10, 2011

I last did this session 2 weeks ago, the day before the BORC online 2k, so went right at the slow end of the pace target then. I wanted to go towards the fast end of the target range today (1:49 to 1:52), and decided to put in a faster last rep just because it’s the last core session of the week.

3 x 15mins / 2min rest:
Today’s splits (2 weeks ago in brackets)
4112m / 1:49.4 / 26 — (4019m / 1:51.9 / 24)
4114m / 1:49.3 / 26 — (4018m / 1:51.9 / 25)
4205m / 1:47.0 / 26 — (4017m / 1:52.0 / 25)

12431m / 1:48.5 / 26

This felt easier than the session 2 weeks ago. I think I need to push these longer reps a bit more to get some mental strength (and fitness) back. It was tempting to try to push the final rep really hard and see what I could do, but I decided to keep to 26spm and keep the pace fairly moderate – still a solid pace overall for the set though.

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