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60mins on rowpro

Posted by thepeteplan on November 18, 2011

A good little crowd on rowpro this lunchtime for a 60mins with Joe Keating, Steve Smith, David Lilly and Keith Allen. I rowed the 60mins as a base pace of 1:58-2:00 then 10+1 strokes harder every 2.5mins. I hadn’t intended doing the harder strokes as quickly as I did through the bulk of the session, but David rowed the same pacing plan along side me for 2/3rds of the row and kept me honest!

60mins = 15838m / 1:53.4 / 24
10min splits:
1:57.3 / 22
1:54.2 / 24
1:53.2 / 24
1:52.5 / 25
1:52.1 / 25
1:51.6 / 25

I kept strict all the way through with the easy portions at 1:58-2:00 never slower or faster, and generally at 22spm. The hard strokes quickly settled to 1:42 give or take 1. It’s a good way to get through 60mins at a pretty fast pace as the time goes quickly. The toughest bit is remembering how many hard strokes you’re supposed to do at the next 2.5min point! Getting into the last 15mins when you’re above 30 hard strokes it is getting close to 1:1 hard to easy rowing, which starts to get tough when you’ve got 15k or so in your legs already.

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