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7 x 1k / 2min rest

Posted by thepeteplan on November 17, 2011

A new session today trialling for a different new progression of sessions for the first few weeks of my Boston training group that starts next week. As I’d struggled on a 6344m attempt earlier in the week starting at 1:46 pace then dropping back I thought that was the best pace to start at for this session today.

7 x 1k / 2min rest:
1:45.8 / 27
1:45.3 / 27
1:44.7 / 27
1:44.0 / 28
1:43.2 / 28
1:42.9 / 29
1:39.8 / 30

7k = 24:11.8 / 1:43.7 / 28

Gradually got into the session and felt better rep to rep. Despite the poor 6344m on Tuesday it’s been a good training week so far, and the first time I have trained on both my commuting days in the week since I started this job getting on for 7 months ago now.

Looking forward to the start of the new training group on Monday. We have a very strong group of rowers so it will be interesting to see everyone’s progress over the 13 weeks to Crash Bs.

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