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Still training…

Posted by thepeteplan on October 23, 2011

Apologies to anyone who actually reads this blog, but I have still been (doing some) training in my absense of blogging over the past few weeks. Keeping the blog up to date has just been one thing that’s had to take a back seat with too many thing to juggle. The training hasn’t been at the volume or intensity that I’d like, but enough to maintain some sort of reasonable form.

Yesterday was a mile (1609m) time trial to assess current form:

1609m = 5:07.2 / 1:35.5 / 32
400m splits:
1:35.7 / 32
1:36.3 / 31
1:36.2 / 31
1:34.0 / 33

With 3 weeks to go to the Newark competition I’m happy enough with this.


4 Responses to “Still training…”

  1. None said

    I read. Don’t have the guts to follow the Pete Plan though 🙂

  2. Still following dude! Keep up the good work! Good luck.

  3. Mike O'Dell said

    was getting concerned about you Pete – keep up the blogging, it’s inspiring! :o)

  4. Garth said

    I enjoy the blogs every time you post them. . . Keeps me motivated thanks

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