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Subjective vs. objective intensity

Posted by thepeteplan on August 17, 2011

Another 60min session today, this time broken into 3 reps with 2min rest between. This is the third time we’ve done this session so far during the distance training plan. Last time out was 2 weeks ago when I did 1:52.1, 1:51.9 and 1:48.5 for a 1:50.8 average.

3 x 20mins / 2min rest:
5482m / 1:49.4 / 26
5479m / 1:49.5 / 26
5536m / 1:48.3 / 26

60mins = 16496m / 1:49.1 / 26

Subjectively this felt pretty tough throughout, but I tried to think objectively as I was doing each rep, trying to work out how close to max I was actually operating. I’m getting gradually faster week on week, but I still don’t think I am really pushing physically all that hard. This was just comfortably tough, in that it didn’t really get harder rep to rep. The 2min rest periods felt nice and long after the 15min reps with a 1min rest on Monday.

To a lesser or greater extent I think that everyone’s performance on the erg is limited by their brain, not their physiology. Of course the ultimate standard you can reach is going to be limited by your physiological attributes, but throughout your training process your brain is going to limit how close you get to that current potential level. Without this specific training for the 60min test my brain tends to limit my performance a lot, and it perceives that it’s a long way, and doesn’t want to hurt. Some people don’t seem to need this, and can just jump from distance to distance and seemingly put in maximal performances with no specific training.

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