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A week away

Posted by thepeteplan on July 30, 2011

When I set off for a week away in rural Suffolk last Friday I knew it wasn’t ideal timing to have a week away from erg training in the second week of the new distance training group. However, it has been a long time since I’ve had a full week of rest from the erg, and I convinced myself it would be beneficial. When we arrived at our holiday cottage the information booklet said that there was a gym at a hotel in the village, and they will generally allow day visitors. I was tempted to go and check it out, but a small village hotel was not overly likely to have a C2 (in good condition at least), and it wasn’t convenient to travel to the hotel. So relaxation, reading, and drinking beer were good substitute past times.

5 days into the stay, a couple of days before heading back home, I was taking some of those empty beer bottles out to the recycling bin, and bumped into the owner of the cottage, which was in the grounds of a large farm house. I was wearing a cycling tour t-shirt, so he asked me if I liked to exercise. He invited me to come and look what he had upstairs in his garage, which was the building directly next to our cottage – this is what I found:



Not the best photos as I seem to be having trouble resizing them. So the owner had just completed work on his gym conversion upstairs in his garage a couple of weeks before, and had a “brand new” reconditioned model C complete with PM3 monitor and model D handle. It felt like a brand new erg.

So after 5 days off the erg I had to get in a couple of sessions in my last 2 days away, just 30mins each time straight after breakfast (so 30mins after waking):


30mins = 8001m / 1:52.4 / 24

5min splits = 1:57.1, 1:55.1, 1:53.1, 1:52.3, 1:51.2, 1:46.5


30mins = 7777m / 1:55.7 / 21


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