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Posted by thepeteplan on July 11, 2011

So for today I will just summarise.

Monday 11th: 60mins / 15900m / 1:53.2 / 24

Sunday 10th: 8k / 1:53.0 / 22

Saturday 9th: 40mins /10677m / 1:52.5 / 23

Friday 8th: 60mins / 15735m / 1:54.3 / 22

That sets the scene of the past few days, still just steady distance work in general. We are 1 week away from the start of the next Pete Plan training groups though, with 2 groups running in parallel aiming towards 1k and 60mins respectively. I will be following the 60min training and see if I can get my 60min TT back over 17k. I will have to be pushing the distance work a lot harder to get there, and mix in some focussed interval work.

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