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Another day, another dollar

Posted by thepeteplan on June 29, 2011

Another dollar in the metres bank that is. Every deposite you make it the the metres bank pays you a dividend when it comes to race day, so it’s worth putting the metres in when you can.

The aim today was for a slow and steady 12k piece. Gradual negative splits crept in for the first half, so I decided to mirror these splits over the second half. Approaching 2k to go I made the decision to “lean on it” a little for the last 2k, as tomorrow is likely to be a rest day. I was pleased with the result.

12k = 45:04.5 / 1:52.6 / 22
2k splits:
1:56.9 / 21
1:54.9 / 21
1:53.0 / 22
1:52.9 / 23
1:54.7 / 22
1:43.5 / 27 (6:54.0 final 2k)

It’s always interesting to put in a fast final split to a longer row like this, considerably faster than the rest of the row. It’s the best way to test whether the row is really at the low intensity level you intend it to be. If you can go considerably faster without it feeling maximal it’s a good indication that you’re rowing well within yourself. The step from 1:55 to 1:45 pace at 2k to go, with the corresponding increase in rate, didn’t feel significantly harder. The breathing rate was faster, being tied to stroke rate, and it was obviously a harder intensity than earlier in the row. An enjoyable session.

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