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Posted by thepeteplan on June 28, 2011

I am a strong believer in the positive effects of regular exercise on general health and fitness, both physical and mental. If you’re in a period where you’re very busy, or have a higher level of stress, make time for exercise. Never take extended periods off exercise, just fit the type and duration that you do to fit your current constraints. If in doubt, the easiest thing to do on the erg is negative split distance. Start fairly slow at a warm up pace, and just gradually speed up as you warm up. If you need to, row in a fartlek style. This is where you simply speed up and slow down as you feel necessary. Your main aim in general is to keep your heart rate elevated for an extended period of time.

Today’s item on the menu was a 10k a little faster than the steady distance pieces I’ve done the past few days. A little faster means a little higher rate, but still at a comfortable pace.

10k = 36:52.7 / 1:50.6 / 24
2k splits:
1:51.0 / 24
1:50.9 / 24
1:50.8 / 24
1:50.8 / 24
1:49.4 / 24

Try to give yourself general rules to keep your training routine regular. In general I try never to take multiple rest days – if I don’t train today I have to train tomorrow. This doesn’t have to be on the erg, just something active that keeps my HR elevated for an extended period. I don’t mind having a 2 to 3 day period of rest once a month, but in general never more than 1 day off training in a row. I will often have one or two periods away from the erg for a couple of weeks each year, but even at these times aim to keep to the same overall rules in terms of “keeping moving”. You should aim to do the same, it will benefit you in terms of general health and fitness.

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