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Farnborough 5k 2011

Posted by thepeteplan on May 17, 2011

The 3rd annual Farnborough 5k is now complete. The race was well attended, each race was well supported, and there were many great performances through the day. It was a long and tiring weekend though, there is a lot to putting on a venue erg race. Just on the weekend itself Friday was spent with 6 hours driving in a transit van to Concept2 HQ in Nottingham and back to pick up the race equipment. Then the evening was spent taking the race equipment up to the first floor gym and doing the basic set up. Saturday morning was an early start to get the final set up in the gym done, the screen up, ergs wired up, warm up area set up.

By the time it came to my first race, the 5k, I was pretty tired already. I was quickly into a rhythm though, and felt good through to my final time of 16:57.5. All things considered, this was at the top end of my expected performance range, so I was happy. About 90mins later I also did the 500m race, and a time of 1:23.9 in that was also a good performance on the day.

A great time socialising in the evening following the race led to a complete write off day on Sunday, but it was worth it. Monday was then the return trip to Nottingham to deliver all of the race equipment back to C2, another 6 hours of van driving. I think it will be a few days before I’m fully recovered from the weekend!

Results can be found here:

I am also trying to balance work and training again, having moved back into the world of full time work 2 weeks ago. More on this, and the considerations thing brings to the training, in another blog entry soon. For now sleep is more important.


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