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Challenge series, Farnborough 5k, Training groups

Posted by thepeteplan on April 29, 2011

Challenge series:

It is the penultimate month of the C2 challenge series, and with the month almost over today was the last day I had available to put in a respectable score for this month’s challenge.

6344m = 21:57.2 / 1:43.8 / 28

1000m = 1:44.4 / 28
2000m = 1:44.5 / 28
3000m = 1:44.4 / 28
4000m = 1:44.3 / 28
5000m = 1:44.0 / 28
6000m = 1:43.3 / 28
6344m = 1:37.8 / 31

A slightly strange distance, but being close to a third longer than a 5k a good training distance to do. Speaking of the 5k…

Farnborough 5k competition – Saturday 14th May:

The closing date for entries for the 5k competition is officially Monday 2nd May, but tomorrow is the last day that post will be delivered to me before then. Therefore I plan to sit down and draft out the timetable tomorrow. If you haven’t sent your form off and still want to enter send me an email today and I will fit you in!

Training groups:

As regular blog readers will know I have run two training groups over the past 6 months. The first ran for 12 weeks between BIRC and the Crash Bs and focussed on the 2k race at Crash Bs. The second has run for the period from Boston up to the Farnborough 5k competition in 2 weeks time. Both training groups have provided a great training atmosphere for the athletes that have taken part, and we’ve produced a lot of pbs in each group. Due to the success of these group I am going to run another group following the 5k competition, but running slightly differently as there are no races to target in the following period. Instead the next training group will run in two blocks as follows:

  1. An 8 week “Pete Plan” training group running from Mon 23rd May to Sun 17th July.
  2. Two 8 week streams to choose between for the following period from Mon 18th July to Sun 11th Sep.

The choice of stream to follow after the initial 8 weeks will be either a sprint focussed training group aiming towards the 1k and 500m distances, or a long distance training group aiming towards the 60min and Half Marathon distances. There are a few points to note:

  • There will be a one off cost of £40 to take part in each 8 week coached training group.
  • There is no obligation to either do the PP group prior to the sprint or distance groups, or to follow on to either stream following the PP group.
  • Email me at to register your interest in taking part and I will send out further details in due course.

For these training groups there are no minimum or maximum time commitments to training. The way the training groups are formatted there will generally be 3 core sessions each week, and this will be the focussed sessions with specific targets and progression. Ideally you will do all 3 sessions every week, but some weeks due to other commitments, being non-professional athletes, people won’t manage to complete all of the core sessions. This is no issue. On top of those 3 core sessions it is then up to the individual how much steady distance work, cross training, weight training, or any other physical activity they do. I will give guidance and suggestions on this for those people who want it, but otherwise leave it up to the individuals. As always, any questions feel free to email me and ask.

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