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10k on rowpro

Posted by thepeteplan on April 15, 2011

It has been a tough 7 days of training. Following the Basingstoke 2.5k race on Saturday I then joined some training group mates on rowpro on Sunday for our first core session of the week with the 900m reps. I then had an enforced rest day on Monday, generally required after 2 hard days training like that if I don’t want to get ill. Tuesday was then the 5k and a solid pace for this point in the training, and although this felt good the cumulative effect left me feeling very flat. Wednesday I went to the gym and did a slow and very steady hour:

60mins = 15273m / 1:57.8 / 22

Yesterday I made an attempt at the third and final core session of the week, the 4 x 2k. I think it was one of the earliest quit sessions I can ever remember. I warmed up – not enough, which is usually a sign that I really don’t want to do the session when I don’t even have the energy to warm up sufficiently. I then didn’t even get as far as 300m into rep 1. A bad day, but a good decision to just stop at that point rather than have a downhill battle.

I was neither mentally or physically up a second attempt at the 4 x 2k today, so instead took a look on rowpro for a middle distance piece to do. A 10k with a large crowd looked like a good option. I planned to go out hard for the first 2k then drop to a cruise pace from there. Although I did lower the pace, it never really got as slow as a cruise, and ended up as a pretty good middle distance row:

1k splits:

1:45.0 / 28
1:45.4 / 27
1:45.8 / 27
1:46.0 / 27
1:46.3 / 26
1:46.3 / 26
1:46.4 / 26
1:47.0 / 26
1:46.2 / 27
1:41.4 / 29

10k = 35:11.3 / 1:45.6 / 27

This is actually nearly 7 seconds quicker than the “end of phase 1” 10k test I did just 3 weeks ago, and wasn’t flat out (aside from perhaps the last few hundred metres). This is a good sign that my fitness levels are still going in the right direction.

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