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30mins with a big rowpro crowd

Posted by thepeteplan on April 7, 2011

I had decided yesterday that I would drop the third core session of this week due to the Basingstoke 2500m race coming up on Saturday. This meant that today should have been a steady row, and tomorrow a rest day prior to the race. I looked on rowpro late in the afternoon to see if there was anything to suit my steady distance session, and saw a 30min set up as the core session for the 5k training group. I looked at the line up, and among the 12 people signed up there were 5 or 6 of my coached athletes from the training group, how could I not row along with them?

13 people sat on the start line ready for battle. With the Basingstoke 2.5k race in 2 days time I didn’t want to go 100%, so thought I’d settle for marginally faster than the 3 x 10mins yesterday, and then negative split the final 2k to just sneak inside my 10k pace from a couple of weeks ago (1:45.9). So the 3 x 10 target was 1:47, and I set myself up for a 1:46.5 cruise pace to then build up from 7mins out.

It’s amazing how much less work it is to hold a mid way average like this, rather than a point zero. Because you can just fluctuate between two splits it just seems a lot easier than trying to hit one exactly every stroke. I started off at a fairly high rate / light stroke, and gradually got into a rhythm with the stroke rate setting lower. Felt nice and controlled right up to the 7min to go point, then it was 1:45’s to 5mins, 1:44’s to 3mins, 1:43’s to 2mins, and so on down to a sprint for the final 20 strokes.

30mins in 5min splits:
1:46.5 / 29
1:46.5 / 28
1:46.4 / 27
1:46.4 / 27
1:45.6 / 27
1:42.2 / 29

30mins = 8522m / 1:45.6 / 27

I’m happy with this row because it felt good and solid for the first 23mins, and there was a lot left to gradually bring the pace down over the final 2k. The last few strokes were on 1:29 / 1:30, finishing off that fast last 5min split. Of course put in context this row is actually a little slower than my best ever 60min row! Having been much faster can help mentally, because you’re never going into new territory, but it’s hard not to compare to what you’ve done in the past and feel like you should be much faster. This wasn’t close to a 100% effort though of course.

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