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3 x 10mins / 3min rest

Posted by thepeteplan on April 6, 2011

As we progress towards the second half of the 5k training plan, and the intensity of some of the core sessions increases, the third core session each week is generally going to be backed off in terms of intensity or duration each week to compensate. When I put the basics of the plan together 7 or 8 weeks ago I didn’t plan in any other races along the way, but this coming Saturday is the Basingstoke 2500m race. This gave me a couple of choices this week – to skip one of the core sessions, or to do all three and race (more) fatigued on Saturday. The ideal scenario would have been to do Friday’s harder core session today, and the session planned for Wednesday as a more moderate session either Friday, or perhaps on Sunday following the race. I didn’t feel physically or mentally up to the harder core session today though, so went for the moderate Wednesday session.

My target for the 3 x 10mins was a flat 1:47 pace, putting this session as a mid UT type intensity. As I won’t be doing another hard session after today prior to the race on Saturday I gave myself the option going into the session that I could push the final rep a bit harder if I felt like it.

3 x 10mins / 3min rest:
2807m / 1:46.8 / 27
2807m / 1:46.8 / 27
2914m / 1:42.9 / 29

8528m = 1:45.5 / 27

Nice and comfortable for the first 2 reps. The final rep I did the first 5mins at 1:44 pace, the next 3mins at 1:43, then pushed the last 2mins a bit harder. It felt good, and up to the final 2min push not really any harder than the first 2 reps due to the higher rating.

Yesterday just a steady 10k in the gym:

10k = 38:33.0 / 1:55.6 / 22

I am hoping that my gym will begin to turn up the aircon before the Farnborough 5k race comes around on 14th May. As the temperature gets warmer outside they don’t yet seem to be cooling it down inside, and this makes even easy sessions somewhat uncomfortable. Today’s 3 x 10min session was done in my back garden.

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