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60mins and the competitive instinct

Posted by thepeteplan on April 2, 2011

A busy 60mins on rowpro earlier this afternoon. I decided to try to cruise a 16k hour, so set off looking for 1:52/1:53 at around 25spm. I got to half way and felt really good, so decided to push the pace a little towards the end. At this point I was in 3rd spot with one guy over 100m up, and Ross Nathan about 65m up. I’ve rowed with Ross in a 30min on rowpro before and he has a hell of a fast finish. I felt good though, and decided that I was going to reel both of them in, no matter how fast I had to go to do it. This was a bold decision at this point as they were both still pulling faster than I was.

I carried on pulling the 1:52’s till 20mins to go, then picked the pace up a little to maintain the gap at around 115m / 75m respectively behind the two front runners. The guy in first’s pace was fluctuating each stroke between 1:48 and 1:53, and this made me think he was struggling. The next time I looked he’d disappeared off the screen completely, leaving just Ross some 70m or so up. Now last time I was in a 30min with Ross I reeled him in by 2mins to go only for him to then take off at low 1:30’s right to the line. I wasn’t going to make this mistake again. The plan this time was to negative split from 15mins to go and just keep pushing the pace faster and faster to the line. 1:47/1:48 from 15mins, gradually getting faster, and I closed up the full lead by about 4mins to go. I knew I needed a few metres lead now so kept pushing the pace down and managed to pull out a 10m lead by 2mins to go. Ross started pushing here as I knew he would, so I had to keep the pressure on to maintain that lead.

60mins = 16291m / 1:50.5 / 26
10min splits:
1:52.0 / 25
1:51.9 / 25
1:51.9 / 25
1:51.8 / 25
1:50.5 / 25
1:45.2 / 28

Sometimes I think it’s beneficial to just give in to the rowpro “pull harder” demons, and put some effort in towards the end to give your competitive instinct a bit of an outing.

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