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Posted by thepeteplan on April 1, 2011

Today’s final core session of week 5 was a 2k restricted to 24spm. Even though this 12 week training group is focused on 5k, we are doing a 2k trial every 3 weeks throughout the 12 weeks. The first one was free rate, but to a particular (slightly sub maximal) pace target. This second one was restricted to 24spm, and although all of the athletes in the group had a pace target, the effect criteria was “go as fast as you can, but limited to 24 strokes per minute”.

We had done restricted rate 2k’s through the B2B programme leading to Boston, so I looked back in my training diary to see what I’d done then. I had managed a 6:39.7 on December 8th, and so my target again was to break 6:40.

2k = 6:39.4 / 1:39.8 / 24
500m splits:
1:38.7 / 24
1:40.0 / 24
1:40.6 / 24
1:40.1 / 24

I pushed the pace just a little too hard in the first 500m, which meant I had to work pretty hard by half way to hold the average under 1:40. Job done though, slightly faster than December, and I held a much more consistent 24spm today.

Breaking news:

At the Farnborough 5k competition on Saturday 14th May as well as the two ergs events over 5k and 500m there will now be a ski erg event that you can enter on the day!

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