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2 x 20mins / 2min rest

Posted by thepeteplan on March 16, 2011

As with last week’s 3 x 15mins I thought this would be a very straight forward session today. Theoretically my targets should have been 1:49 and 1:48 from the 15min reps last week, but I decided this would be too easy so opted for 1:48 and 1:47 instead. Yesterday I did my weekly weights session. I have only started incorporating dead lifts into this since Boston. These really take it out of you when you’re not used to them don’t they? So with cleans and deadlifts among other stuff yesterday afternoon in the gym my body just didn’t work today. I knew that this morning when I got up, and I still knew it when I got to the gym. So why didn’t I revert to the original targets?

The first rep went by without too much trouble, although feeling generally muscularly tired and lacking a bit of energy:

Rep 1: 5556m / 1:47.9 / 26

I tried hard to hit 5555m, but it just clicked over to 5556 on finishing.

Now on a normal day rep 2 should have been easy. Like last week on the 15min reps, despite knowing that I was fatigued before the session I had thoughts of shooting for a 1:45 paced second rep as a trial for the 10k next week. As it was I started at 1:47, as the new target, did 5mins at that pace then had the overwhelming urge to stop and go to sleep! Of course I didn’t actually stop, but slowed down to 1:50’s and just decided to get through the distance.

Rep 2: 5539m / 1:48.3 / 27

I pulled the pace back a little towards the end just to make it respectable.

This is normally the point where I’d decide that the weights are affecting the rowing too much, and I’d ditch them. But I am trying hard to think of the longer term performance benefits of maintaining the weight training, even if it makes the Wednesday session each week a little rubbish till my body gets more used to it. I guess next Monday’s 10k will tell whether this was just an effect of the weights yesterday, as I am convinced that on a good day I could do a straight 40mins at this pace and rate without it being more than a strong UT1 row.

For completeness, the session totals: 11095m / 1:48.1 / 26

One Response to “2 x 20mins / 2min rest”

  1. Sol said

    Hi. I’m interested to know if people doing the Pete Plan are weight lifting several days a week. I do back squats, dead lifts and bench presses. If I get into the Pete Plan can I keep the weight lifting three times a week? Thanks.

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