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Sussex Mile race

Posted by thepeteplan on March 13, 2011

I took one day off the 5k focussed training to race in the “Sussex Mile” today at Bexhill college. As I am aiming to do a 2k every 3 weeks throughout the 5k training phase then doing shorter distance races fit this bill nicely as well. With this, and then the Basingstoke 2.5k in 4 weeks time, it will ensure I stay in some sort of reasonable shorter distance work through this training period.

My plan for the race was fairly simple. I wanted a confidence boosting row of going comfortably under 1:35.0 average pace (ie 6:20 2k pace) to prove to myself that my two “problems” on 2ks at the moment are mental, and stroke rate. So the aim was to keep the average pace under 1:35 throughout, and try to keep the rating higher than the 31 I seem to have been stuck on during the middle of 2ks recently, and which for me is too low. After a fast start I settled to 1:35’s, and kept the rating at 32/33, and from there the metres quickly ticked down. In racing terms I was quickly in a big gap in 2nd place, with first 20m ahead, and 3rd 20m behind. With a strong last 200m I brought the average pace down to a finish of 1:34.3, or a time of 5:03.6. This was just the confidence booster I needed with the average never hitting 1:35.0, keeping the rate up slightly throughout, and never feeling like I was in danger of slowing. First place was a long way ahead with Adam Scrivner pulling a 4:55.6 / 1:31.8, a little faster than my all time mile pb by around a second, so not something I was ever going to be pulling today.

Having done a lot of mile and 2k races in the past I know that, for me at least, this pace is at least on par, if not marginally quicker, with my 2k in Boston, and so this is a good position to be in a few weeks into 5k training. I felt at the end that is 391m had appeared on the monitor to round it out to 2k I could have carried on and kept the pace under 1:35, and that’s where the psychological part comes in – seeing 2k on the monitor at the start is a different matter. The regular 2ks throughout the year will address this though.

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