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2k + CTC challenge = hard work!

Posted by thepeteplan on March 11, 2011

The third session of our second week in the 5k training group was down as a sub maximal 2k. These are in the plan every 3 weeks throughout, maintaining the philosophy of making the 2k into a training session like any other. We’re not doing any 2k specific training during this 12 weeks, but by doing targetted 2k rows every 3 weeks we will keep away any fear of the main race distance, and leave less ground to catch up later on.

I am trying hard to keep my focus on the target, and not get side tracked by other challenges along the way. This session was my best opportunity to tick off this month’s CTC challenge, and so I set off to combine the two. The challenge is a strange one this month – 4k total distance in 4 reps with 2min rest between reps. However, how you format those 4 reps is up to you. Is a simple 4 x 1k best? Are decreasing distances best? Are alternating long and short better for an increased recovery? In order to combine my core session with this challenge I had to do the 2k first, and so it make sense to have a shorter “recovery” rep second. So I put a plan in place to row it as 2k, 500m, 750m, 750m.

2k = 6:31.7 / 1:37.9 / 31
2min rest
500m = 1:37.9 / 31
2min rest
750m = 2:32.8 / 1:41.8 / 28
2min rest
750m = 2:25.8 / 1:37.2 / 32

4k = 13:08.2 / 1:38.5 / 30

In the previous B2B training group I combined sub maximal 2ks into a 2k, 1k, 500m session, but with long rests between the reps. That session was effective in taking the pressure off the 2k, as it is clearly not a maximal piece if there are other aspects of the session to come. Even done at the same pace this just puts you in a different mental zone, and somehow makes it easier. This session was no different. The 2k went by without problem, and was paced completely flat at 1:38s start to finish. 2mins rest after that is short though, and the 500m was quickly on me. I was always going to aim to row this at the same pace, and hope that it just extended the recovery from the 2k. It didn’t feel like it did, and I made the decision to row the first 750m a little slower.

That first 750m was actually the biggest positive from this session. 1:41.8 felt like a good recovery, and I felt good then to do the final 750m back at the pace of the initial 2k. If this pace can feel like a recovery for 750m then it is a good sign to be able to row 5k at least this fast at the end of this training phase. In terms of a fast CTC score it was too slow though, because I did feel too recovered following it. The final 750m felt strong though, and finished off the session well.

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