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The importance of targets

Posted by thepeteplan on March 2, 2011

The second core session of the 5k training plan today shows the importance of targets. I carefully set the targets for everyone in the training group on a spreadsheet taking into account recent session performances and the planned aims of the session. Using the same logic applied to other people’s targets for this session my target was 1:43 for 3 reps, and a faster last rep. The normal problem for the self coached athlete though, I thought 1:43 was too close to 6:50 not to just push the first 3 reps under 6:50, but really 1:42.4 pace is quite a bit faster than 1:43.

4 x 2k / 5min rest:
6:49.8 / 1:42.4 / 28
6:49.5 / 1:42.3 / 29
6:49.7 / 1:42.4 / 29
6:51.5 / 1:42.8 / 29

8k = 27:20.5 / 1:42.5 / 28

This session felt tough from the outset, not just mentally but physically. Not so much the pace, but I just felt somewhat lacking in energy. I was having to play mental games as early as rep 2, and rep 3 was hard enough for me to revise my strategy for rep 4. For the final rep I rowed the majority at 1:44 pace, just picking up the pace from about 400m out – not quite enough to bring it right back to target.

I do find that these 5k type reps improve quite quickly though when you’ve not been doing them very hard for a while, so I hope to get this down close to 1:40’s throughout by the end of the 5k TG.

And I know it wasn’t just a mental stuggle as I have the tell tale running nose and sneezing, which always follows a hard interval set for me.

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