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2500m C2 challenge series

Posted by thepeteplan on February 26, 2011

Just a short entry today to blog about a short rowing session. I had to keep my 100% record up for the C2 challenge series, having done every month’s challenge since it was introduced. Ok, for the free t-shirt each year mainly. I’m not in medal contention this year, having finished in the top 3 the past 2 years, as a number of very fast people are taking part in the 30’s event this time. So 6 days after the 2k in Boston, and still feeling pretty drained from the whole event, my heart wasn’t really in doing a very fast time. I will be honest, I did plan on breaking 1:37.5 though, but expected that to come fairly comfortably.

2500m = 8:12.4 / 1:38.4 / 30
500m splits:
1:37.4 / 31
1:38.8 / 30
1:39.2 / 30
1:39.3 / 30
1:37.7 / 31

Then this afternoon I had to do a pure ego row. I was walking through a shopping centre in Southampton and saw a gym promotional stand with 2 ergs. They were running a competition to win a year’s membership to a new gym opening there, and to the winner was the person who could row the furthest in 30seconds. The best so far was 175m, so I couldn’t resist. In my jeans and normal shoes, not a single stroke for warm up, and on the mandatory maximum drag (so around 220 as the ergs were brand new) I set off. Peaking on a 1:13 split I covered 196m at an average pace of 1:16.x, which I believe may be a pb for the little rowed 30sec sprint. Now if I do win what will I do with a year’s membership to a gym about 50miles away? Does anyone live in Southampton?

2 Responses to “2500m C2 challenge series”

  1. Gene Williamson said

    Pete, I was looking at the photos from Crash B and was interested in the “flop” photo. I have noticed that on longer rows (15000m or more) that I tend to develop discomfort and even the occasional blister in my nether regions. I have often thought that some kind of seat pad would be nice, but did not know how raising the seating position would affect the rowing motion and body mechanics. Looking through the pictures I thought I saw several folks who appeared to be using pads. Is this something that is commercially available, or can you give me some hints about the proper material to manufacture one of my own?

    On another note, I was working at an ocean science contest for high school kids yesterday, and got several comments on how much trimmer and fitter I look this year than I did two years ago. Gotta love that erg.

    • thepeteplan said

      Gene, Yes concept2 sell seat pads for the concept2, as I believe do some other rowing clothing manufacturers. This is the seat pad that C2 UK sell:
      I personally don’t use any seat padding, except for a full marathon when I will simply use a folded towel on the seat.
      Some people use memory foam, other people various homemade contraptions made from rubber or foam.
      A simple gym towel, folded such that there as no seams that you’re sitting on, is the easiest option.

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