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3 x 20mins – Steady endurance work

Posted by thepeteplan on February 25, 2011

This coming Monday marks the start of the next training group, this time focused on the 5k. With 34 people in the group it will be a lot of work keeping track of results and setting targets for everyone, but with some very fast people within the group it will provide a lot of motivation for everyone to work hard. Along with this change in training stimulus, taking out the really fast paced work and replacing it with a lot of 5k paced interval work, I want to really work on my base endurance during the next 3 months. I’d quite like to drop a few kgs of body fat at the same time, but that will come if I maintain the training volume I intend to.

So today was the first real session since the Crash B’s last weekend. Basically I’ve just been too tired to do anything meaningful until now. So I started off with some solid endurance work at a fairly low intensity.

3 x 20mins / 2min rest:

  1. 5047m / 1:58.8 / 20
  2. 5090m / 1:57.8 / 20
  3. 5132m / 1:56.9 / 20

Totals: 15270m / 1:57.8 / 20

Tomorrow it is time for my one and only attempt at this month’s C2 challenge, the 2500m. I am not going to be a medal contender in the challenge series this year, so I don’t intend to do this 100% flat out, but it will be completed whatever as I don’t intend to do it twice. No particular targets, I will just see how I feel when I warm up tomorrow.

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