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2/3rds race simulation

Posted by thepeteplan on February 14, 2011

My planned session for today was¬†a 1k as a simulation of the race plan for the first half of the 2k on Sunday, followed by 8 x 250m reps a bit faster than 2k pace but not pushing too hard. However, on 14th Feb for the past few years there has been a special CTC challenge set up dedicated to a great rowing competitor who sadly died 5 years ago today. Every year for this one day only a 1402m CTC is rowed by many people around the whole as a tribute to Carole. The extra 402m seemed worthwhile to combine the memorial row with my planned session, and so I planned to still row the 1402m roughly as the race plan for Sunday, then just cut down the number of 250’s a little.

My the current plan for the 2k on Sunday is roughly 1:36 for 1250m, slight negative split from there to 200m to go, then sprint to try to get as close to, or just under, 6:20. Therefore the plan for the 1402m today was 1:36 steady, then just a little sprint in the last 200m for confidence. I wanted to get through that first 1200m feeling like I still had enough left to be in a position to carry on at least at that pace for another 400m before sprinting, and so increasing pace a bit for the final 200m today seemed like the best way to be sure. Unless you step on the gas a little you can never be sure whether your brain is being honest with you what there is left.

1402m = 4:28.2 / 1:35.6 / 32
350m splits:
1:36.3 / 32
1:36.1 / 32
1:36.1 / 31
1:34.0 / 33


3 x 250m / 1r:
46.7 / 1:33.4 / 33
46.4 / 1:32.8 / 34
44.8 / 1:29.6 / 36

The 1402m felt about right. Certainly not a comfortable cruise, but never overly tough or in any doubt that I could speed up when it got to 200m to go. This is just how I want to feel when I get to 750m to go in the race on Sunday, to have rowed a little within myself such that I can treat the last 750m just like the final rep of an interval session.

Is it a bit stupid to blog here, less than a week before the world champi0nships, my exact race plan? I don’t think so. When it comes down to it on Sunday it is every man and woman against the machine, trying to cover 2000m as fast as they can. What I plan to do, or what I actually do, will have no effect on what anyone else does, and what anyone else does won’t have an effect on what I do. On a bad day I will be hanging on when I get to 750m to go and might not be able to increase pace much if at all. On a good day I will feel great at 750m to go, will speed up consistently down to 200m to go then sprint for the line. This difference could put me anywhere within about a 10second bracket of 2k pace. The three things I know are that I will do all I can over the next 6 days to ensure Sunday is a good day, I will give the race 100% whatever, and if it comes to a final 250m sprint out for positions on a good day I can out sprint anyone in a 2k final sprint (of comparable 2k time – the type of person who can row 5:45 isn’t going to be in a sprint off with me).

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