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2k paced reps and a steady hour

Posted by thepeteplan on February 7, 2011


We are now beginning week 11 of 12 in the BIRC to Boston training group, so that means less than 2 weeks left before the World Championships race in Boston. So with the last full week of hard sessions there is no time to waste not trying on the core sessions, and with the first core session of week 11 having the longest single rep at around 2k pace of any session through the 12 weeks it was always going to be a tough session.

1250m = 3:56.9 / 1:34.7 / 33
4min rest
500m = 1:34.7 / 33
4min rest
750m = 2:21.9 / 1:34.6 / 33
4min rest
500m = 1:34.2 / 33

Totals: 9:27.7 / 3000m / 1:34.6 / 33

The key training points here were the long first rep, getting well past the half way point of the 2k at a fast pace, and the 750m third rep. The 500m between them was to be done at the same pace as the 1250, so not a hard rep, and the final 500m just to see what was left after the 750m. The 750m was tough, just as expected, but perhaps more because the 1250 wasn’t that well paced and I started off a bit too fast. I cannot afford to go off that fast for the first 1250m of the 2k race because, although on a good day I am physically fit enough, mentally there is still too far to go. The plan, currently, will be to go more like 1:36 for the first 1250, then try to bring the pace down from there.


60mins = 15435m / 1:56.6 / 21

Just a steady hour row in the living room….

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