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Posted by thepeteplan on January 31, 2011

As January comes to an end I couldn’t leave my poor effort at the 10k challenge series of 35:58 as my best effort from Thursday. I accepted that in the middle of 2k focussed training I just may not be in shape (mentally perhaps rather than physically) to still row under 35mins, so yesterday I went to the gym with the intention of simply beating the time from Thursday. The pacing plan was simply to set off at the average pace from the previous effort (effectively 1:48.0) for the first 4k, then slowly negative split from there. It went nicely to plan:

10k = 35:34.4 / 1:46.7 / 27
2k splits:
1:47.5 / 27
1:47.4 / 27
1:47.0 / 27
1:46.8 / 27
1:44.7 / 28

I could have pushed the end harder, but with a core 2k session to do today I didn’t want to overly fatigue myself for a few more seconds off the time.


One Response to “10k challenge series”

  1. Stuart Thorp said

    Great effort
    Right not to push the extra few seconds while training B2B
    Well done.

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