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CTC: 2mins = 682m / 1:27.9

Posted by thepeteplan on January 29, 2011

A nice short session today just to get a score on the board for the cross team challenge. 2500m of warm up, then into the 2mins.

2mins = 682m / 1:27.9 / 38
20sec splits:
1:26.2 / 42
1:28.4 / 39
1:28.4 / 36
1:28.4 / 39
1:28.4 / 39
1:26.9 / 36

It was deliberately rowed to look so controlled, though it was not rowed as a max flat out effort either. It is a strange “distance” to row being a fair way past 500m, so not really a sprint at all. I paced it as I would a 1k instead, with 10 hard strokes, 50 cruising strokes, and finished off with 20 hard strokes. I wonder how much faster I could go if I tried a 2min piece at a max effort / higher rate? I don’t have any plans to find out at this stage – it would be faster, but I don’t think a lot faster.

The reason for the nice short session today was to warm up well for a good stretching session, which hopefully will help my hip recovery quickly.

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