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2k, 1k, 500m & steady distance

Posted by thepeteplan on January 24, 2011

The first core session of Week 8 of the BIRC to Boston plan (last week) was a 2k, 1k, 500m session. I really wanted to be doing regular 2k’s throughout the B2B plan to work up to the fastest one in Boston, so this was a session I really didn’t want to miss out on. There was a well attended 2k time trial set up on rowpro for Sunday afternoon, so I put up a 1k and 500m following it, and entered the 2k there. Rowpro makes these a bit more like race conditions having to start on time, and with external timing. The last 2k I did was the rate capped 28spm effort on 4th Jan in which I managed 6:32.1. In the weeks since then I suffered from jetlag after returning from Seattle, which turned out to be the beginning of some sort of chest infection that took me out of training at the beginning of last week. With that in mind I wanted to target an incremental improvement on that 2k, so targetted just under 6:30 with a rate cap of 30spm.

2k = 6:29.5 / 1:37.4 / 30
500m splits:
1:37.4 / 31
1:37.6 / 30
1:37.6 / 30
1:36.9 / 30

I was happy with the 2k, both in terms of consistency, and in how it felt physically. Yes this is about 10seconds slower than I would like to do in Boston, but it was controlled and some way off max. The 1k was scheduled for about 7mins later, but I managed to false start leaving us to a second attempt.

1k = 3:16.9 / 1:38.4 / 31
500m splits:
1:38.3 / 32
1:38.6 / 30

I just didn’t seem to get into the 1k at all. After the false start I delayed too long on the second start and was playing catch up for the first 300m to get the average down to 1:38, and didn’t want to then put the effort in to get it down further so cruised a little from there.

500m = 1:33.8 / 35

500m is never hard to do after longer pieces. Why does the last 500m of a 2k seem like such a long way when a single 500m piece at the end of a session like this is never an issue?

After playing catch up to get the core sessions of Week 8 complete I didn’t a nice steady day today before carrying on with Week 9 tomorrow:

2 x 20mins / 2min rest:

10452m / 1:54.8 / 22 (the two reps were 5225 and 5226m respectively, which I agree does not quite add up to the total)

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