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Illness and coaching

Posted by thepeteplan on January 20, 2011

It is very unusual for me to take time of training when I feel under the weather, but then it is even more unusual for me to have an illness affecting my chest. If someone asked me for advice on whether to train or not I would generally advise them to follow the rule of “above the neck, ok to train – below the neck, rest”. I should therefore follow my own advice. So far I have had 4 complete rest days with no training since last Saturday, and like many of you it drives me crazy after a couple of days without training.

Team GB coach:

I have been given the role of coach for the British Team travelling to the World Indoor Rowing Championships next month. This is a great opportunity to bring some team spirit back to the team that has been lacking the past few years.

Pete Plan Coaching future:

The BIRC to Boston training group seems to have been a very successful method of adding value to the training of all of the athletes in the group. By training as a team they have been able to both gain motivation, and learn from the experiences of a fairly large group of other athletes. I am planning on running another training group with a different focus following the conclusion of the B2B group with the Crash B’s in a little over 4 weeks time, and my current thinking is to have a 5k focus for a 12 week period, hopefully coinciding with the 3rd annual Farnborough 5k competition.

One Response to “Illness and coaching”

  1. Mark Upex said

    Will Farnborough 5k definitely go ahead this year. If so what will the date be. I work shifts and may need to book time off work

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