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A backwards workout

Posted by thepeteplan on January 15, 2011

I left Seattle on Tuesday, arriving back in London on Wednesday afternoon (with the 8 hours lost along the way due to the time difference). The jetlag seemed to hit me hard this time, and trying to get back into a normal sleeping routine is taking time. Once I’ve fully adjusted back the training will get fully back on track. Because of that Friday was the first workout I managed since the final Seattle workout on Monday, and it was a very sleep deprived session then.

4 x 1250m / 5min rest:
4:14.4 / 1:41.7 / 29
4:13.8 / 1:41.5 / 29
4:13.5 / 1:41.4 / 29
4:09.3 / 1:39.7 / 30

16:51.0 / 1:41.1 / 29

This one was really a case of just getting it done, as it was one of the core workouts for the week. The first 3 reps were right on target, but ideally the final rep would have been a couple of second faster in pace.

Today then had to be the final core workout of the week. I made the mistake of deciding to try this one a fair bit faster than target pace, trying to make up for lost training time perhaps. The reason for the title of this blog entry is that if I wrote the splits from this session in reverse order it would look much more like a well negative splitted workout that it does written the way it was rowed. The target should have been a 1:34 start and negative split from there. I decided that I wanted to try the workout faster, but aimed too fast for my current condition (fitness + jetlag etc).

12 x 350m / 2:30 rest:
1:29.8 / 36
1:30.0 / 36
1:29.8 / 35
1:29.8 / 35
1:29.8 / 36
1:29.8 / 36
1:32.1 / 35
1:31.8 / 35
1:33.2 / 35
1:34.4 / 34
1:34.0 / 35
1:31.5 / 36

Total: 4200m = 12:47.6 / 1:31.3 / 35

The average pace would not have been any faster if I rowed it “properly”, and physiologically I arguably got a better training effect doing it this way around. Psychologically this isn’t the ideal way to pace this workout, from the intended purpose of the session, though saying that all reps were under target 2k pace even when my legs decided they didn’t want to play any more, which is a good thing.


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