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Objective measure of improvement

Posted by thepeteplan on January 10, 2011

Today is my last full day in Seattle, and the final training session over here. The timing worked out well as this one is a step up from the session I did on the first day over here, and hence gives me a good measure of the improvement (or lack of) that I’ve managed over my 2 weeks here.

The session is 1k, 750m, 750m, 500m with a 4min rest between each. The session on the first day was 1k, 750m, 500m, 500m also with a 4min rest. So a 50% increase on the distance of rep 3 is the only difference from the session 2 weeks ago, but an increase from a 500 to a 750m in the penultimate rep of a session like this does add a good chunk to the difficulty.

I always like to have a solid mental approach to any interval session to compare it to a recent session rep for rep, so that if it gets physically really tough I can convince myself that I can get through just the next rep. Today I used the 5 x 750m reps last week as a comparison, even though I failed to maintain pace on the final rep in that session. I’d managed 4 reps then at 1:34.8 pace, and so the 1k, 750 and 750, the tough reps of this session, were compared to the first 3 reps of that session – yes the 1k is 33% longer than the first rep, but it is the first rep. As long as you can get through all but the final rep then the mentally tough part of the session is done. The final rep, as I found in the 750’s, really does come down to physical condition on that day – a 500m final rep is always easier than a 750m last rep though.

1k = 3:09.7 / 1:34.8 / 33
4min rest
750m = 2:22.3 / 1:34.8 / 32
4min rest
750m = 2:22.2 / 1:34.8 / 32
4min rest
500m = 1:33.3 / 33

3000m = 9:27.5 / 1:34.5 / 32

The overall session is 250m, or roughly 48seconds longer at this pace than the session from 2 weeks ago. The average pace was the same as the session 2 weeks ago for the increased distance. The 1k was 0.1 faster, the first 750m the same pace, and the final 500m 0.4 faster. I think I can certainly say, objectively, that I am heading home in at least as good shape (2k pace wise) as when I arrived here 2 weeks ago.


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