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750m reps and a 2k r28

Posted by thepeteplan on January 5, 2011

I seem to have failed to update my blog so far in 2011. Following the 1650m reps on new year’s eve I took January 1st as the first rep day of my Seattle trip. The first session of 2011 was then some 750m reps for this week’s speed training. The first 750m reps are always a tough session having only done an 8 x 500m session, and then last week’s 1k, 750, 500, 500 reps. 5 x 750m is about 25% greater volume than last week’s reps, but I mentally broke it down as follows, in order to have a stretched target of the same sub 1:35 pace for all reps:

Rep1 = 750m compared to the 1k from last week, so no problem
Rep2 = 750m the same as last week, but you’ve done a shorter first rep
Rep3 = longer than the 500 from last week, but same average rep length to here
Rep4 = through to 500m and it’s the same as last week, then just 250 to go
Rep5 = where it gets tougher and you have to work

And the execution actually went as follows:

5 x 750m / 3:30 rest:
2:22.3 / 1:34.8 / 32
2:22.2 / 1:34.8 / 32
2:22.2 / 1:34.8 / 32
2:22.2 / 1:34.8 / 32
2:27.1 / 1:38.0 / 31

11:56.0 / 3750m / 1:35.4 / 32

So it was slightly too much of a stretch this time. I had to put too much into rep 4 to have a chance of getting rep 5 on target, and so didn’t start out on the rep aiming to be as fast as the first 4.

As every trip to the gym to train on the erg is costing me 10 dollars as a non member I decided to skip the steady distance at the gym yesterday and did 40mins on the exercise bike here in the house instead. First thing this morning it was then back to the gym for some more hard metres. Training is now becoming more of a slog daily as I become accustomed to the time zone, and so early morning training now feeling like early morning training which is wasn’t a week ago. The daily recovery fuel of too much food + wine or beer is also not the best, and today’s session was therefore always going to be a tough, albeit short, one.

2k restricted to 28spm. 2 weeks ago I did a 6:33.4 restricted to 26spm, therefore target 1 was to go under that time today, and target 2 that there was no reason when allowed to do 2 extra strokes each minute to row slower than 1:38 at any point. My aim though was to break 6:30 at this stroke rate, but it wasn’t to be:

2k = 6:32.1 / 1:38.0 / 28
500m splits:
1:37.7 / 28
1:38.2 / 28
1:38.1 / 28
1:38.0 / 28

All the main targets were hit – it was faster than 2 weeks ago at r26, I didn’t do many strokes slower than 1:38, and I stuck to a strict r28 throughout. But there just wasn’t a zip there, and 1:38’s were all I really had there. I have felt pretty wrecked for the whole day today, which I shouldn’t from a very short, and not really overly intense session like this. So tomorrow will be a complete rest day, and started off with a fruit smoothie and oatmeal from Jamba Juice to start the good food for the day to recover properly. Hopefully then on Thursday for the next core erg session the zip will be back.

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