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2k restricted to 26spm

Posted by thepeteplan on December 21, 2010

Following on from a 2k test at 24spm 2 weeks ago, today’s session was a 2k restricted to 26spm. The target is simple – go faster than you did at 24spm. Mentally this makes the session pretty easy – you have done a certainly pace for 2000m rowing 24 strokes every minute. If you are allowed to take 2 more strokes every minute you can go faster. The time 2 weeks ago was 6:39.7, or 1:39.9 pace. The aim for today was to go roughly 1.5seconds faster pace, but the target in the row itself was simply not to take any stroke slower than 1:40 and none faster than 1:38 until in sight of the line.

2k = 6:33.6 / 1:38.4 / 26
500m splits:
1:38.5 / 26
1:38.9 / 26
1:38.7 / 26
1:37.4 / 26

A well executed session with fairly tired legs from the two pacey sessions yesterday.

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