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5k test, 5 x 1k reps

Posted by thepeteplan on December 20, 2010

I had today down as a 5k time trial, despite setting it for the rest of the people in the BIRC to Boston training group as the Friday session for this week. I moved it to Monday as it was going to be rowed with a close rival on rowpro, Jason. Unfortunately Jason’s work plans changed last week and he wasn’t able to row the 5k with me, so I went to the gym for it rather than rowpro. The weekend prep wasn’t ideal for a hard Monday morning time trial. Saturday evening was a fairly large consumption of wine with friends over for dinner, so not the best night’s sleep on Saturday night. Sunday was then a write off as far as training, or doing anything much else.

But I hit the gym at 1030 this morning, rowed a 2k warm up, felt pretty good, and so set 5000m on the monitor and set off. The initial plan was to flat pace the first 3k at 1:42.0 and then bring the pace down over the last 2k. Here is how it actually went:

  1. 1:41.1 / 30
  2. 1:41.9 / 29
  3. 1:42.0 / 29
  4. 1:42.0 / 29
  5. 1:42.2 / 29
  6. 1:42.2 / 29
  7. 1:42.9 / 29
  8. 1:45.8 / 27
  9. 1:44.8 / 28
  10. 1:40.9 / 29

5k = 17:04.9 / 1:42.5 / 28

The pace dropped off because I had the over-whelming urge to stop, and the only way I could get past that was to slow down enough to let my brain think it was sustainable. The average pace finally reached 1:42.0, the target for the first 3k, at about 1800m to go. So I was right on target at the 2k to go point, but at that decision point when I should have been speeding up my brain wasn’t willing to go there. I am sure this was a mental weakness not a physical one, and will aim to find time to attempt this again later in the week.

I followed the session a few hours later with some 1k reps with a fairly leisurely 5min rest period (it was someone else’s session on rowpro), with a full house of 16 people to row with.

5 x 1k:
3:24.0 / 1:42.0 / 29
3:23.9 / 1:42.0 / 29
3:23.7 / 1:41.8 / 29
3:23.5 / 1:41.8 / 29
3:10.6 / 1:35.3 / 33

As with the intervals over the past 3 weeks the 1:42’s in the first 4 reps felt a good sustainable pace, evident by the “fast last” final rep.

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