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4 x 1550m & rowpro 30mins

Posted by thepeteplan on December 17, 2010

Thanks for the comments on Wednesday’s 10k and videos. Stuart – I row everything on 130 drag aside occasionally for easy distance work where I will lower the drag to 125.

Thursday should have been a nice easy distance piece, and when I finally got around to rowing it on rowpro at 8pm I did set the drag to 125 because of it. Perhaps 1:54 or so for an easy piece? That would be under 8k though, so I’d better make it 1:52.5 to break 8k. It was looking like a fast field though so I decided on 10 hard strokes to give me time to assess what everyone else would be doing, then drop back to pace. I did drop back to 1:52’s but the average took a long time to slow down, and when it finally slowed to 1:49.9 I just kept it there. Then the rowpro racing instinct started to kick in, and with Paul Brew up to 40m ahead I nudged the pace up to keep his lead there. Unfortunately some mental calculations meant I couldn’t resist seeing if I could close that 40m lead in the final 5mins and catch Paul. I maybe could have got away with calling it at least a moderate row had I not done that…

30mins = 8369m / 1:47.5 / 26
5min splits:
1:49.9 / 25
1:49.2 / 25
1:48.1 / 26
1:47.9 / 26
1:47.9 / 26
1:42.4 / 28

That brought me to today’s final core session of BIRC to Boston Week 3. I could have legitimately put this session back to tomorrow, but the knock on effects of that could mess up next week so I went with it, despite feeling very tired this morning.

The first two sessions in this particular progression went like this:

1st Dec = 4 x 1350m @ 1:41.8, 1:41.6, 1:41.4, 1:38.4
10th Dec = 4 x 1450m @ 1:41.4, 1:41.3, 1:41.2, 1:38.2

So the aim today was to roughly match the 100m shorter reps from last week:

4 x 1550m / 5min rest:
5:14.3 / 1:41.3 / 29
5:13.8 / 1:41.2 / 30
5:13.9 / 1:41.2 / 30
5:06.5 / 1:38.8 / 30

6200m = 20:48.5 / 1:40.6 / 29

The last rep I think could have matched the last rep from last week but as I felt tired before the session I didn’t want to push too hard at that point. On current form the 5k next week should be comfortably under 17mins as long as I pace it sensibly.

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