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Steady work and the plan ahead

Posted by thepeteplan on December 2, 2010

Thanks to Tim for the informed comment on my last blog entry.

Today just a steady 10k:

10k = 37:55.1 / 1:53.8 / 23

2k splits: 1:54.5, 1:54.0, 1:53.8, 1:53.5, 1:52.9

In my last blog entry I was considering the way ahead with my training over the 12 weeks up to the World Indoor Rowing championships in Boston USA on 20th February 2011. The bulk of my training will be made up of the BIRC to Boston training group plan that I am following with 23 other athletes, but I have time to do additional work around this if it will be beneficial.

The basic plan I am going to follow will be as below. Taking Tim’s advice I will not increase the volume too drastically at once.

Mon: Core erg 1 (hard intensity)

Tue: Steady erg 1 (easy) + Weights

Wednesday: Core erg 3 (moderate)

Thursday: Steady erg 2 (easy)

Friday: Core erg 3 (hard)

Saturday: Steady erg 3 (easy)

Sunday: Steady erg 4 or rest (easy)

I will stick with this for the next 4 weeks, as per Tim’s suggestion, and from there decide whether to add in an extra steady piece each week as well.

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