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Rowpro 60mins

Posted by thepeteplan on November 27, 2010

Back on rowpro again today, after about a 6month absense judging by the session log that rowpro handily keeps for you before yesterday. Today was another 60min row, with the aim to pace it steady at 1:52 to just go over 16k. The one “problem” with rowpro though is that you often get tempted into going faster than your plan if there is someone there to push you:

10min splits:
1:51.7 / 25
1:52.1 / 25
1:52.0 / 25
1:51.6 / 25
1:49.9 / 25
1:45.7 / 27

60mins = 16295m / 1:50.5 / 25

With another guy in the row going at closer to 1:51’s for the first 10k I let him get to about a 35m lead before I just had to try to close the lead back down. From 5k to go I kicked the pace down to 1:50’s, then gradually negative split the last 3k to really push hard into the final 5mins. It was the best I’ve felt on a longer row in a long time, 1:52’s felt a cruise for the first 11k, and I felt strong winding the pace up to the end. Depending how fresh I feel tomorrow it might be time for another go at the 2 x 20min CTC.

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