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Steady distance and Welsh Champs

Posted by thepeteplan on November 26, 2010

The last few days of training has looked like this:

4 x 10mins / 2min rest:
40mins = 10424m / 1:55.1 / 23

4 x 500m / 1min rest:
All at 1:39.8 / 29
This was going to be a 12 x 500m but I just felt a bit flat so decided it was better to stop before I started to stress by CV system.

I signed up for a 60mins on rowpro but had to cut it short just after 40mins due to a phone call then having to go out.
41:59.0 = 11207m / 1:52.3 / 24

Welsh Open Championships:

I sent my entry off a couple of days ago for the Welsh Open championships in Cardiff on 4th December. The target will simply be to beat the 6:23.5 time from BIRC to set a better baseline time at the beginning of the BIRC to Boston training group.

BIRC to Boston
There has been a good take up for the BIRC to Boston training group, with 22 people signed up to date. We begin our training together on Monday, and have 12 weeks to prepare for some fast 2k’s in Boston (or at home, on rowpro, or generally just have fun and get fitter together for 12 weeks).


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