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BIRC to Boston

Posted by thepeteplan on November 23, 2010

More on BIRC:

I was sent a link to a youtube video of the last 1400m or so of my race at BIRC. I am on machine Y8 in the white and blue vest. The video was taken as a technique contrast between me and Casey (machine Y30, behind me in the blue polo shirt). My technique didn’t look great, but more conventional than Casey’s. He beat my by 3 seconds though, and that’s all that counts. Judge for yourselves:

The CTC:

Today had been pencilled in as a session with two of the PPC athletes to attempt this month’s CTC. They both had better excuses than me for not wanting to do a hard session this close to BIRC as both won gold in their categories, but a hard session we did.

My target pre session was to break 1:45 average pace. I knew that if I was feeling good I should be able to¬†achieve this¬†– I’ve done a recent 10k under 1:45 pace, and my hour pb is 1:45.2 pace, so 2 x 20mins should pose no huge problems. However, my chest wasn’t feeling good yesterday or this morning, so I obviously didn’t get rid of whatever I had last weekend, but the target was set.

Rep 1: 5720m / 1:44.8 / 28

I felt good for the first 10mins. Once I started breathing harder though I just didn’t seem to have the lung capacity to take in enough oxygen, and it got to the point of being quite a maximal CV effort by the end of the first rep. I don’t normally have any CV issue at this sort of pace, so this wasn’t good.

I’d done one rep, and my previous score was slow, so I thought I may as well do the final rep. Besides, it wouldn’t be fair on the other two to stop after 1 rep. So I decided to set off on the second rep a little slower and see how I felt.

I started off aiming to sit on 1:50’s for 10mins then negative split from there. I got to 10mins in at 1:49.7 average so gave myself one more minute before starting to push on. 9mins to go, 1:49.7 average. I took it from there in 2min steps, from 9 to 7 not seeing slower than 1:49, 7 to 5 not below 1:48, 5 to 3 not slower than 1:47, then pushing a bit more over the final 3mins.

Rep 2: 5547m / 1:48.1 / 26

Totals = 11267m / 1:46.5 / 27

So I finished with a respectable score, but had to work pretty hard for it (the second rep wasn’t nearly as hard as the first though). I may have to take it pretty easy for a few days now so that whatever is up with my chest can clear up fully and I can do a proper full on attempt at this right at the end of the month.

Call me crazy, but I am serious thinking of entering the Welsh open 2k competition on 4th December to set a better baseline 2k time at the beginning of my Boston build up. I don’t think I have another good opportunity prior to Boston to race a 2k, and getting under 6:20 would set me in a much better position to push on to 6:15 by Boston.

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