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Good days, bad days

Posted by thepeteplan on November 8, 2010

I generally find in the final weeks approaching a 2k, where speed work is the primary aspect of my training, that I have days where it feels good, and days where it feels bad. On the good days my 2k target feels fully achieveable, on the bad days I wonder if I can even get within 5 seconds of target. As the speed work progesses the good days tend to get more frequent, partly because the overall volume reduces and along with in the background fatigue levels. Then with the right mix in the final week I can generally make sure that race day will be a good day.

Today’s sprint session was in contrast to the 2k paced session on Saturday. That was a bad day where the pace felt hard, today was a good day. On 17th October I did the first of my sprint session with a 25 x 100m session averaging 1:24.3. The aim for today was to reduce the reps slightly to 20, bit hit the session hard from the start and aim for a faster pace.

20 x 100m / 1min rest:
2000m = 5:25.8 / 1:21.4 / 44

A significant increase in pace over the session 3 weeks ago, and it felt good. The idea behind this session in particular is that as I fatigue over the session I learn to adapt my technique and still pull the very fast splits for rep after rep. After a while it becomes second nature. When it comes to 21st November I will be able to flick the “sprint switch” with 200m to go and be able to take the pace down significantly, no matter how tired I feel, or how the first 1800m goes. Of course the real challenge is convincing yourself mentally that you want to hit that turbo boost at that point in the race, but that’s another matter…

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