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A balancing act

Posted by thepeteplan on November 6, 2010

With the British Indoor Rowing championships now 15 days away, but feeling somewhat rundown and lacking energy at the moment, it is a balancing act between recovering and training. I made the choice to do a race pace session this morning, but to back off slightly from the last time I did this session to make it right on current race plan, rather than optimistic race plan.

The session was 1k, 750m, 500m, 500m each with 4mins rest between. The plan was to go a little under 1:36 pace for the 1k (so 6:23 for 2k), a bit faster on the 750m (around 6:22 pace for 2k), and negative split the 500s aiming for a session average to just break 1:35 (so 6:19 for 2k).

1k = 3:11.6 / 1:35.8 / 33
750m = 2:23.1 / 1:35.4 / 32
500m = 1:34.4 / 34
500m = 1:33.0 / 34

2750m = 8:42.1 / 1:34.9 / 33

I would like to say that felt easy, but it didn’t. I know I am a little run down at the moment though, and just didn’t feel like I had top gear there at all. The line up in the race is looking strong just from the people I know of, so to equal my 5th place finish from last year is going to take the best performance I am currently capable of on a good day I think. It is all about the time though. Having done a couple of mid 6:20’s in the gym over the past month, and a 6:17 paced mile (1:34.3) I know I am in shape to go under 6:20 on a good day. However, if it’s not a good day I’m only in perhaps 6:24-6:25 shape, so going out too fast would be suicidal.

As I have been telling a number of people (coached by me and not) over the past couple of week, to make your target time for the 2k you only have to get your average pace there by the last stroke. So to finish on a 1:34.9 average pace I don’t need to hold 1:35’s from start to finish, and I certainly don’t want to pull anything under 1:35’s with the help of adrenelin at the start (aside from the first 6 or 7 strokes). A hard 2k always feels much better when you speed up inside the last 500m rather than hanging on. The pain just isn’t the same if you’re going faster at the end. So I need to aim to get to half way within touching distance of 1:35.0 pace, but with the least effort possible.

Two weeks of training left means plenty of time to recover and be in good shape by race day, and also around 12 training sessions to go, of which perhaps 4 will be hard intervals, and a couple more moderately hard, but with lots of recovery work in there too.

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