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15 x 200m – more sub 2k pace sprint work

Posted by thepeteplan on November 2, 2010

With a little under 3 weeks to BIRC now the work at well under 2k pace takes one of the top priorities in my training week. My fitness level is there to hit the splits I want at BIRC, with the vital last two aspects being to be mentally ready to pull those splits, and acclimatised to rate at the level I need to in order to make the pace sustainable for the full 2k. The full on sprint work ticks both of these boxes, although it is not the only aspect of the final preparation training.

Today’s session was the next step from the 25 x 100m from last week. Down to 15 reps this week, but double the distance per rep. The rest periods are still pretty long at over 3 times rest to work, but the pace and power are the vital aspects in this type of session, not making them overly aerobically hard. This session was certainly muscularly tough in the final 5 reps, but that is part of it’s value, as despite feeling like I was running out of power I was still putting in 200m reps at significantly under 2k pace, and for me this is the key to having the strong finish I’m going to need to pull a fast 2k in Birmingham on November 21st.

15 x 200m / 2min rest:
3000m = 8:40.2 / 1:26.7 / 39

All reps between 1:26.5 and 1:27.0 (34.6 to 34.8sec)

A faster pace than I had originally planned on going, but it was just right as I couldn’t go any faster in the final 5 reps.

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