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Sprint reps – full BIRC training mode

Posted by thepeteplan on October 17, 2010

Full on BIRC training starts here, 5 weeks out from the race. One component of the training over the next 5 weeks will be hard sprint training, and this is the first session of that component.

25 x 100m / 1min rest – aim is 10seconds under target 2k pace for all reps (so 1:25.0 for me), with rate under control (ie not rating higher than necessary so keeping the reps nice and powerful). I did this on my standard 130 drag as well.

25 x 100m / 1min rest:
2500m = 7:01.3 / 1:24.2 / 41

The idea behind this component of the training is to do some work significantly under 2k pace making the work at around 2k pace seem that much more sub maximal. This type of session will feature once per week over the next 5 weeks leading up to the race, with work at around 2k pace also once per week making the two core focus sessions during this period. 5k paced work will take a back seat to ensure that overall fatigue isn’t too high so as not to knock the immune system too much.

Saturday was a moderately hard 10k, so with 3 fairly hard sessions in a row it is time to take it easy for a day or two now:
10k = 35:53.0 / 1:47.6 / 25
2k splits:
1:48.5 / 25
1:48.3 / 25
1:48.4 / 25
1:48.3 / 25
1:44.5 / 27

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