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On track for BIRC

Posted by thepeteplan on October 15, 2010

With a little over 5 weeks to go before the British Indoor Rowing Championships it was time to test where I am prior to the start of full on speed training. With a minimum target for the race of 6:19.9 (or marginally under 1:35.0 pace), and the October C2 challenge series being the mile, it made sense to do a 1609m (1mile) time trial for this test. As I’m coming back from a cold I didn’t want to go absolutely to the maximum I think I’m currently capable of, but at this stage break that 1:35.0 pace was the target I wanted anyway. The plan for execution of this was a fast start, a cruise pace of 1:36, and a faster final 400m to push under the 1:35 target average pace.

400m splits:
1:33.8 / 35
1:36.0 / 32
1:36.0 / 31
1:32.8 / 34

1609m = 5:04.6 / 1:34.6 / 33

Nicely on track prior to the beginning of full speed training, which is a good place to be in at this stage. This is also enough under the 1:35 target pace that I would estimate now that I could do more like 1800m on target at this stage, so if all goes to plan it will be a case of how much under 1:35 pace I can finish on at BIRC, not whether I can achieve the target.

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