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More middle distance reps…

Posted by thepeteplan on September 29, 2010

A short window of time to get to the gym, and this session fit the time available. Timed reps rather than distance as I was doing them with someone else.

5 x 4mins / 4min rest:
1183m / 1:41.4 / 29
1189m / 1:40.9 / 30
1193m / 1:40.5 / 30
1201m / 1:39.9 / 30
1239m / 1:36.8 / 32

20mins = 6008m / 1:39.8 / 30

Happy with this – on average 50m a rep more than Monday’s 1150m reps, and a faster pace for every rep in sequence with a solidly faster final rep and average. The final rep as well as being 0.8sec faster pace than last time was also 89m further, being a timed rep rather than the 1150m of the last set.

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