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Middle distance reps

Posted by thepeteplan on September 27, 2010

Last week I identified that I had been avoiding the “middle distance reps” sessions that I really think should be core to everyone’s erg training schedule. To jump back into this type of training I started with 5 x 1k reps, and to extend this today I moved on to 1150m reps aiming for roughly the same negative split pattern.

5 x 1150m / 3:30r rest:
3:54.0 / 1:41.7 / 29
3:52.7 / 1:41.1 / 29
3:51.7 / 1:40.7 / 30
3:50.3 / 1:40.1 / 30
3:44.6 / 1:37.6 / 32

5750m = 19:13.2 / 1:40.2 / 30

Reps 1-4 were almost identical pace to last week’s 1k reps (with each being 30seconds longer due to the extra 150m per rep), but the final reps wasn’t quite as fast (although still well under the average for the session, which is what matters). I prefer this method of improvement on interval sessions to increase the distance per rep at the same pace, rather than increase the pace at the same distance, especially when you’re aiming to get back to where you’ve been before. It is much easier to quantify in your head doing 10 to 20 more strokes per rep, and what that means in terms of effort level, than trying to go some set amount of pace faster. With 150m more per rep it was 15 strokes extra, and 15 strokes isn’t much is it? I will try to keep moving this session on each week by adding a little more to the reps each time. The negative split pattern will also help when I start to introduce more speed work into my training in 2 to 3 weeks time in preparation for BIRC which is now fast approaching.

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