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C2 Challenge Series

Posted by thepeteplan on September 11, 2010

The Concept2 challenge series has begun again in September with a 4min challenge. I wasn’t quite sure how to pitch this for a first attempt, so aimed for 1:34’s steady with a push in the final minute.

4mins = 1282m / 1:33.6 / 33
1min splits:
1:33.7 / 34
1:34.3 / 33
1:33.7 / 33
1:32.3 / 34

Fairly straight forward at this pace, which is a good sign.

One Response to “C2 Challenge Series”

  1. Graham Lay said

    You were better this year than last year for your first effort:
    1278m / 1:33.8 / 32

    Will you be better on your second go than your 1:31.9 last year though? 😉

    Great pace – you make it looks and sound easy!

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